6) Sexy Brown Legs.

Yes indeedy. It is now time move on to the spice and seasoning of what would otherwise be my bland quad-arrangement....the women. But before I begin, I would like to give a quick shout out to all the kind people over at Polyamory Percolations. I might need a late pass - as I'm sure they're a staple to the online Poly community, due to the informative and friendly nature of the site. But for anyone who has yet to....I highly recommend you check them out; you'll be glad you did. By the way, thank you Natja for putting me on to them. Ok now, let's do this. Shall we?

This particular entry will focus on the outlandishly witty, insanely sexy, and most compassionate woman I have ever known. The lady who has had my heart since the days of cutting class and having no responsibilities in life (with the exception of bringing home good grades and keeping my room clean)....my beautiful wife, Jasmine. I'll start by pointing out that she's a bit apprehensive about being herself in front of new faces, that is until she feels she's amongst 'phony free' company, then she's all the rage. See unlike me, Jasmine is one of those 'Life of the party' types. At social functions, I'll be carrying on as usual with the fellas, shooting the shit, just chillin....nothing spectacular going on where I'm at. Across the room though, Jasmine has the girls laughing it up, having a grand 'ol time, with her crazy antics and off-the-cuff brand of humor.

She has a knack for saying/doing some off the wall shit. For example, one morning I woke up right before she did and so I turn to her to tell her "Good morning." Her reaction? She quickly scoots away in a jerking motion, almost like she's having a seizure, puts her hand over nose and blurts out "Fuck babe! Your breath smells like sweaty giraffe nuts!" Now, you might wonder how the hell would she know what sweaty giraffe nuts smell like - but trust me, that's just the type of stuff she comes up with. Most recently, she's been coming home from work with her 'all-the-sudden' Southern accent and saying stuff like "Get!" in place of "Excuse me." And for no reason, other than she thinks most of them are assholes, she has a strong resentment toward cops. So occasionally, while driving past one, she'll boldly give 'em the middle finger and say some crass remark - her favorite being "Fuckin dickhead!" Ah yes....the woman never ceases to amuse. But don't let her know that. She'll probably give you some sarcastic response like how she once told me, "I'm so glad you find me amusing. That's why I married you babe. So I can be your....What do you call those clowns who entertain the King?...Oh yeah, so I can be your jester. Anything else I can do to make you happy? Your majesty?"


Yeah, she has her share of animated moments; but, unlike any other woman I suppose, she also has a soft, emotional side. She is prone to shutting down and becoming extremely quiet (let's say due to an argument that we lost control of. Or more than likely I wouldn't shut up about.) Times like that is when she'll put in her ear buds, hit play on her MP3 player, and keep busy either by doing house chores or by doing some exercise. One trait you'll never hear me complain about, is Jasmine's self-conscious efforts to maintain her figure; that and her impeccable yet thrifty fashion sense. She's a champion bargain-hunter with a weakness for shoes. In fact, her shoe collection has gotten so massive that she has been determined in trying out her best brain-washing tactics on me - in hopes of convincing me that I really don't need my own closet. Yeah, she even pulled the classic Magician routine - standing there with a cheesy grin, saying "Ta-da!"; so I could bear witness to my exaggeratedly squooshed wardrobe, and piled-high shoes that she so masterfully rearranged in order to demonstrate the amount of closet space I waste. Yeah, she's a piece a work....crazy ass.

Jasmine is also the ever caring mom & wife, always concerned about the welfare and happiness of our kids and I. She'll come home tired from being on her feet all day at work, go into her daily ritual of a long hot shower followed by a brief nap, then wake up to prepare dinner for us all. Now although I've volunteered to split the cooking duties, she'd much rather have me help her maintain the cleanliness and appearance of our home (for which I am more than willing to do because I can not stand being surrounded by the slightest filth.) She makes it a point to converse with each of us individually throughout the evening and especially as a family at the dining table. Once dinner is ready, all personal activities must stop immediately. Trust, no one in this house can complain that they don't get enough time or attention from her.

She is also very sensual to say the least; and has no problems expressing her desire when in the mood. Add a couple of drinks into the equation and I'd swear she was a stripper or maybe a belly dancer in another life - cause she'll have this certain sexual swagger a la Catwoman type presence; even performing the occasional chest-bite (although much to my painful dislike.) And honestly, there's times where she is by far the more aggressive one in bed, which in turn leaves me feeling skeptical of my ability to fully satisfy her. Whenever she gets this super-aroused, she wants me to put it on her something fierce. As stated earlier though, going buck wild in the sack is not my forté.....I've been the slow & intimate, lovemaking type since the day I lost my virginity to her. I know this. She knows this. And so to both our benefit, she'll impulsively play the relentless Rodeo Girl. And wow! Wow, wow, wow! Yup, she's a handful alright.

Jasmine never stops letting me know she loves me, even when she's supposed to be disgusted/upset with me. I remember getting into a huge argument with her some years back....I'm talking 'first apartment/pre-kids' days. I don't remember what the hell we were fussing over....but I remember being furious at the time. So I grabbed my keys, slammed the door and headed toward the parking lot to get in my car. Jasmine followed and I saw her heading toward me but I was already intent on going for a drive (to get away, calm down, or whatever.) So I start up the car and begin pulling in reverse. She catches up and pounds on the driver side window. I remember her crying and asking me to stop being an ass and for me to park the car; that even if I don't wanna talk to her, I should go back upstairs and sleep it off. Of course, the immature & insensitive 20 something that I was, I say something stupid/hurtful and decide to put the car in Drive to take off. So what does she do? Jump on the hood of the car, of course.....and refusing to let go, until I park and go back upstairs. I slow down and come to a stop. I got more pissed, due to possible dents and scratches she might've caused, so I said some more stupid shit, but....Ok, fine. She won. I pull back into my parking spot, shut off the car, get out, close the door and finally she gets off the hood. We both went back upstairs and that was that. I brought up this anecdote to help illustrate the type of devotion she has. Through thick and thin, even now with this whole messy situation between us and our other half, Ramon and Joanne.

Soooo....this vivacious and sultry soul, who has shown me what it is to experience true love, is one helluva woman. She stands one inch shy of us being equal in height; and is the Ying to my sometimes emotionally handicapped Yang. A city girl to the core, full of spunk and swagger; yet possesses more than enough poise & grace to shut up any would-be judgmental upper class snob. She's bad. She's good. She's fun. Am I a lucky guy? Hell to the yes! My love for her is unwavering and I can only hope, if there is a beyond, that our bond transcends this life into the next. I love you baby! So now, a song to speak on my behalf....

Dwele - A Few Reasons


Marco said...

Q&A with Marco (by Marco's conscience)

C: So, Marco...where was that pic of your wife taken? It looks like it might be the Brooklyn Bridge in the background. Is it?
M: That's not my wife.

C: Uh. So who is it then?
M: I don't know. Some chick I found on Google.

C: But isn't this entry about your wife, Jasmine?
M: Yes.

C: Okay. Why not use a pic of her then?
M: Cause. She wouldn't approve.

C: But you can't see the face anyways. Why not just use a cropped pic of your actual wife?
M: You deaf? She wouldn't approve. She don't want any of her pics up, cropped or not.

C: Fine. So I assume Jasmine resembles the woman in the pic then, right?
M: No. In reality, she's hideous and extremely obese. Yes stupid, of course she resembles her. Why else would I choose that particular pic to represent my wife?

C: I'm just saying. You know how some people be trying to exaggerate appearances and what not?
M: So what you trying to say?

C: Nah. I'm saying...
M: What?

C: Nevermind. I'm sure Jasmine is a very beautiful woman.
M: What's your wife look like?

C: Wait a minute. I'm your conscience. Your wife is my wife. Lol.
M: Whatever. We done here?

C: Sure. Oh, by the way...great job on the blog so far. Looking forward to more.
M: ........

PolyCouple said...

Being new to the Poly lifestyle, your blog really has helped my wife and I. Thank you!

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