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Ideally, this entry here should be about one of the women. Duh....it only makes sense, right? Trust, my next one will be. But for now, I wanted to share an interesting rant I came across while mining for some Poly-insight.

Now this posting here, as you can see for yourself, is a fairly long one. But it so piqued my interest that I couldn't help but to keep reading until I finished the whole thing. The shit was ridiculously intense; imagine the movie Kill Bill. Now imagine Uma Thurman ten times more pissed off. Except in this version, Uma is a Poly Secondary going after Primaries. Stick with me on this. If rants could be turned into fight scene choreography - then somebody would have to nominate the author, Joreth, for some kind of award. Seriously. I don't give a shit what....an Oscar, MTV Moon Man, Kids' Choice Award......something. Cause by the time I was done reading, all I could think was "Dammmmmn! Now THAT'S what the f*ck I'm talking about right there!" I was ready to go outside and pimp slap the first Primary I met.

Ok, I'm being a wise-ass as usual. But seriously, due to my particular type of quad relationship, I find myself intrigued by the perspective of both Primary and Secondary Poly folk. Why? Well, because.....technically I'm both. Primary to my wife and Secondary to Joanne, am I not? (I mean, I'm courting the woman married to the man courting my wife.) The same goes for the other three; we all play dual roles. It's no wonder we're all screwed up. And to think we each wanted the freedom to branch out and begin our own V relationships as well. I'm only kidding! Just kidding folks.

Anyways, for anyone else who took the time to read through Joreth's entire rant - pretty good stuff eh? Well until next time, Arrivederci! Joreth, this tune's for you....

Daughter Darling - Dust in the Wind


Christa said...

Wow! I read that a couple days ago as well and felt the same way! As you say about dual roles, I completely identify, as you did with my post at poly perc. Interestingly, the meeting my husband and I are going to today in Orlando is the one that she does. I'll let you know how it goes. Hope she's there. :)

Marco said...

I hope your meeting went well.

ourquad said...

Marco, I found your blog through this forum (polyamory.com). I find it like any other place...not that joreth is incorrect but that most are like that period. Any where you find a group of people, some being there quite a while with a good reputation for sound advice, it will be like this. I do get things from these forums (I frequent poly percs as well). I used to get all upset and angry at times myself but not I just don't follow a thread once it starts this.

I'm part of a cross-coupled quad as well. I enjoyed Joreth's rant. I see where she is coming from and I completely agree. I say that as a "primary" in one relationship and a 'secondary" in another relationship.

With my husband of course, things are easier. With my boyfriend it is more difficult. I understand not being equal per say with his wife but I do want the right to be HIS equal in OUR relationship. I really do not understand why others are having such a problem grasping this concept she is trying to get across.

I'm enjoying your blog so far. Good luck.

Marco said...

Being new to that forum, I missed whatever feud was going on. And truthfully, I'm not really concerned about what happened and who's to blame. Joreth wrote blatantly and obviously I felt her thoughts were very compelling.

I agree, things are a whole lot easier with my wife. I would guess that's probably the case for most Poly relationships - things being easier with their primary. Who knows?

But thank you, I'm glad you like the blog so far. Still got a ways to go.

Anonymous said...

You f00l, polyamory is adultery.

Marco said...

@ Anonymous,
Is that it? Nothing further to contribute? If you're going to post a comment anonymously, at least have the courage to elaborate on your stance that Polyamory is adultery.

anlei said...

I'm enjoying your blog so far. I came across the link from one of your comments on Poly Percs. I'm always glad to see new perspectives with poly relationships. It makes me feel less isolated about it.

~Wandering Aimlessly

Marco said...

Thank you Anlei. I hope you enjoy the rest of it as well. Even the darker moments.

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