4) Mr. Marco, please step up.

Might as well get the two dudes out the way first right? After all, the center figures of the entire relationship are the women. They're the reason Ramon and I get jealous, insecure, and all worked up over. So I think it's only fitting I save them for last and undoubtedly give them more shine. Besides, when it comes down to making things more lively in any aspect....both men pale in comparison to either of the women.

Ok, I think I'll begin by calling myself a geek. Why not? Sure, the attire I'm most comfortable in (which normally consist of a crisp pair of loosely-laced Timberland boots, loose fitting jeans, stylish t-shirt, an ever so slightly-cocked fitted baseball cap, and a shiny timepiece for good measure....might suggest otherwise. Sure, my usage of slang and the occasional curse word mixed in with my daily dialect (such as the word dope, used to describe something I like - "Those jeans are dope"; and the word mu'fucka, used to describe any random person - "Yo! You saw what that mu'fucka just did?!")....might also suggest otherwise. And I suppose my tendency to blast my music, (whenever my kids are not in the car of course) while I drive through the rundown part of the city I reside in....may suggest otherwise as well.

I admit, upon first impression I could easily be written off as nothing more than common ghetto folk. Ah, but I possess a rare trait among common ghetto folk....that is I read books....and actually enjoy doing so. Yes people, it's true. Ok, ok, I'm being a wise ass. But in all seriousness, I spend a good portion of my free time reading. Whether its books I purchase or the various blogs I happen to come across doesn't matter to me. As long as I learn something, I can dig it. Oddly enough, I also find much satisfaction in listening to AM radio talk shows - particularly those found on WWRL. I actually prefer tuning into this stuff over the commercial music stations on FM radio. Kind of weird for a music buff such as myself, don't cha think? I even try to extract as much insight & knowledge as I can from conversations with some of the older folk at my job. My wife tells me it's because I'm a Gemini that I have this constant craving for new information. Maybe so, although I don't place too much thought to all that Astrology Mumbo Jumbo. So.... it is because of these and several other quirks, that I shamelessly call myself a geek.

As far as employment goes, I work at a respectable government agency, making a decent buck I suppose. But my lack of a formal higher education coupled with my ambition, for a lifestyle more suited to my taste, has lead me to subsidize my income by....let's just say illegitimate means. No, I'm not a part-time street pharmacist nor claiming to be one. No siree! Your boy is technologically savvy, so instead I found myself a nice little niche. Might as well leave the coke-slinging to all those mega-rich rappers who live in big, fancy homes and tour all over the world....yet somehow, still be in the hood putting in that work. But anyways, it was this extra source of income that allowed me to save up a sizable down payment toward my current home and also helped to cover my monthly household expenses while my wife was attending school full-time. Now she works in the Healthcare industry making more money than me. Ain't that some shit? Before my current career track I was all over the place; from a six-year stint in the Army (for which I proudly served and received an Honorable Discharge) to some pretty shitty ass jobs. The worst was when I drove trucks for a meat-rendering company. Not only was it disgustingly foul smelling work...but damn near all my co-workers were ex-convicts. Definitely not the type of job I would admit to doing at the time. But the money was good and I did what I had to do to support my family right?

I'd like to think I'm a good husband, father and friend; but then again, who doesn't? Personality wise, I'd say I'm mostly reserved and lean toward being quiet until I feel comfortable enough around people to let out my cocky side. Once I consider someone 'cool peoples'....forget it, there's not much I won't say to their face. As pointed out by my girl, Joanne, who once told me that I like hear myself talk, I sometimes go on these spells of 'know-it-all' rants. I don't mean to annoy, but I guess I get caught up trying to break up the monotony of my mostly laid-back demeanor. By the same token, I like joking around and broadcasting nonsense - such as reminding everyone in my group that, "I am the brains of this operation". Trust me, swagger is a trait I carry in abundance. But, apart from those types of moments, I'm mostly a mellow dude. I'm a good listener and someone who people seem to like enough to wanna confide in. I detest phony people and so I make it a point to never become one myself. Maybe that's why I speak so bluntly at times. (Although I suspect this is one of my qualities that irritates Ramon.)

I try to be as best a friend and romantic as I can to my wife. I won't pretend I'm some sort of Mr. Wonderful. I do have my share of thoughtless and selfish 'guy' moments I admit. But I respect the sanctity of our marriage and do put forth the effort to let her know how much I cherish her. Whether it's a small gesture like a simple text message letting her know I was thinking of her while working, or something more passionately involved such as taking Salsa dance lessons with her. I put in the work. In fact, the way I make love to her is slow and sensual yet somehow intense enough to make us both break out in a sweat. Truthfully, I wish I could be more aggressive sometimes and put it on her like a porn star.....but I guess it wasn't in the cards for me. Damn. Fortunately though, she's expressed her great satisfaction plenty enough for me to know I must be doing something right. <---- Note the contrasting performance styles of both men....as it's been an ongoing issue that affects the entire group.

All in all, I would say I'm not a bad guy. I stand 5'8", keep relatively well groomed and remain actively conscious of whether or not I have fresh smelling breath. I gotta say though....as much Heineken as I consume on a weekly basis, I'm impressed by the remarkably slender physique I've been able to maintain. That's right folks, no beer belly here. Then again, it's probably because I was naturally predisposed to be a stud. Don't get it twisted though, it's no easy feat being this charming, and this handsome, and oh yeah....this modest. Ok, ok, I think that's enough of my wise ass self-praising. Seriously though, if you've read up to this point and find me to be likable - then I'm sure you wouldn't be disappointed in person. Enough said, right? Now then....for my musical selection I need something funky; something with some umph; something to reflect the diddy bop I carry myself with. How about some.......

Slum Village - Things You Do (Remix)


mmkeekah said...

Sound like a charming fellow, indeed...

Marco said...

Yeah, I figure it's probably best for me to sprinkle some crass humor throughout my blog. I would hate to scare off potential subscribers by posting consistently downer type entries. How am I doing so far?

Rivanna said...

HAHAHAhahahahaha. oh my god marco, i can't read this so late at night, i'm gonna keep my kids up laughing this loud.

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